Linear Hall effect position sensor max. 5 mV/G | A1318, A1319 series

Linear Hall effect position sensor max. 5 mV/G | A1318, A1319 series ALLEGRO MICROSYSTEMS
New applications for linear output Hall-effect sensors, such as displacement and angular position, require higher accuracy and smaller package sizes. The Allegro A1318 and A1319 linear Hall-effect sensor ICs have been designed specifically to meet both requirements. These temperature-stable devices are available in a miniature surface mount package (SOT23-W)..
The accuracy of each device is enhanced via end-of-line optimization. Each device features non-volatile memory to optimize device sensitivity and the quiescent voltage output (QVO: output in the absence of a magnetic field) for a given application or circuit. This A1318 and A1319 optimized performance is sustained across the full operating temperature range by programming the temperature coefficient for both sensitivity and QVO at Allegro end-of-line test..
增强经行结束优化各设备的精度。每个器件具有非易失性存储器优化器件的灵敏度和输出电压的静态(qvo:在没有磁场时的输出)对于一个给定的应用程序或电路。这1318 a1319优化性能和持续的整个工作温度范围的温度系数规划在线测试..快板结束敏感性和qvo
These ratiometric Hall-effect sensor ICs provide a voltage output that is proportional to the applied magnetic field. The quiescent voltage output is adjusted around 50 of the supply voltage..
The features of these linear devices make them ideal for use in automotive and industrial applications requiring high accuracy, and operate across an extended temperature range, 40#176;C to 150#176;C.
这些线性器件的特性使其理想用于汽车和工业应用要求精度高,并在扩展的温度范围内运行,40 C 150 # # 176;176;C。