MaxFlo® Klear

MaxFlo® Klear Agrilectric Research

MaxFlo ®产品是高性能,固液分离的各类应用可再生助滤剂。 这些独特的设计稻壳灰助滤剂在过滤应用提供各种特殊的价值。

MaxFlo ®产品提供了一系列的创新优势。

Superior Filtration Results
MaxFlo® products are high performance, renewable filter aids for all types of solid liquid separation applications. These uniquely engineered rice hull ash filter aids deliver exceptional value in all types of filtration applications.

MaxFlo® products provide a range of innovative advantages.
• Remove metals from wastewater and sequester them into the solid phase
• Contain high BTUs and burn away to minimize ashing
• Provides single product solution to coagulation/flocculation filtration treatments
• Minimize solids production and energy requirements


Performance Specifications
Filtration Grade 1.00 to 2800.00 µm
Maximum Temperature 2000 F
Filtration Product Coolant; Oil
Application / Industry Industrial Engine; PoolSpa; Waste Water
Filter Medium Material Cellulose; Rice Hull Ash
Additional Features Water Absorption

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