Commercial dry cleaning machine P840 by Mr. Kohei Sawa

Commercial dry cleaning machine P840 by Mr. Kohei Sawa Union S.p.A.
Green Dry SYSTEM
Green Dry is a new detergent-free dry cleaning system and a breakthrough in perc drycleaning.
Green Dry will bring in a new era in cleaning.
Green Dry offers a short cleaning process, with a cycle time of less than 30 min.
Green Dry is a fluid high speed cleaning method with a direct jet of solvent concentrated onto a limited area.
Green Dry is cleaning method with little movement of garments,and therefore no damage to garments.
Green Dry causes less greying and is more hygienic, as the soiled solvent can not touch other garments.
Green Dry eliminates the need for filtering and thus reduces maintenance frequency.
Green Dry reduces distillation sludge by not using any detergent and can largely reduce running costs such as waste disposal and maintenance.
Green Dry can remove static electricity by prevention of static charge during the cleaning operation.
Green Dry reduces the costs of detergent, filters and cuts storage space and contributes to reducing CO2.
Green Dry is a superior completely “closed system” with respect for the environment.