粒度仪 在线粒度仪
Principle: particle suspension is pumped through the flow-through cell, directly from the process or from a sample. A CCD camera is continuously taking images which are analysed and displayed online. Results like particle size or number of particles of a certain shape can be displayed as trends or size distributions. Image sequences can be stored.
粒度仪 在线粒度仪
Complete system: with stainless steel flowthrough cell and housing, CCD camera, high power LED light source, computer and software for online image analysis.

• Particles, droplets or bubbles in liquid
• Measurement of size, shape and count
• Distinction between crystalline/amorphous particles
• High pressure / high temperature
• Counting product beads into vials
• Food, pharma, polymers, chemicals, oils…
Measurement range: > 1 µm
Image sampling rate: 30 images / sec analysed online
粒度仪 在线粒度