Concept and design:
ChroMem units are GMP compliant and ATEX certified and can operate with organic solvents or aqueous solutions. They are designed for ultra-, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis up to 40 bar pressure. These units are especially intended for organic solvent nanofiltration as typically in combination with chromatography for concentration and/or solvent exchange. We offer two standard sizes ChroMem I and the larger ChroMem II. The membrane modules can be exchanged: as a standard we offer spiral wound element and multitube ceramic membrane housing with our special low volume design.
The general design pays special attention to: easy emptying, good cleanability (CIP) and small minimum operation volume with maximum membrane area.
Concentration and diafiltration can be automated. All measurement equipment also for this operation is integrated in the unit therefore no external signals are needed. The units are temperature contolled and pump speeds are electronically controlled.
ChroMem I ChroMem II
Typicall batch size 5 – 50 l 50 – 500 l
Minimum working volume 0.8 l 4 l
Membrane area spiral wound elements 0.3 m2 2.5 m2 / 8 m2
Membrane area ceramic elements 0.1 m2 1 m2
Druckbereich 1 – 40 bar 1 – 40 bar
Unit size L x W x H 1.0 x 0.6 x 2.0 m 1.2 x 0.8 x 2.0 m
Some details:
  • product contacting metal parts stainless steel 316L or equivalent, surfaces Ra 0.8 if required
  • electronically controlled pump speeds
  • electronic pressure indicators 0 – 40 bar, high precision 0.1% for measurement of feed pressure and feed side pressure drop
  • precise Corriolis mass flow meters
  • integrated heat exchanger and temperature control
    safety shut-off: overtemperature, overpressure, low pressure (dry running protection)
    stainless steel control cabinet, polished grain size 320, with electronic display of feed pressure, retentate pressure, temperature, membrane cross flow, feed pump flow, permeate flow and all operating switches and controlls, optionaly SPS controlled
  • no screwed tube connections, no dead zones
  • pump head of high pressure pump modified to dead zone free sealing
  • orbital welding for product contacting areas where possible, otherwise inside ground welding

  • P&I scheme
  • wiring diagram
  • instrument list with specifications
  • data sheets for components
  • calibration protocolls for measurement instruments
  • complete manufacturing documentation (welder certificates, material certificates, isometrie, orbital welding parameters)
  • declaration of EG conformity (includes ATEX)
  • material certificates EN10204 3.1 for product contacting metal parts,
  • FDA-certificates for seals and flexible tubes
  • pump grease USDA-H1 conformity
  • operation manual
  • list of spare parts
  • FAT protocoll